Accepting the challenges.

1st Jun, 2018


It was 1.5 months back I interacted with a wonderful person..who had enquired us for a outdoor event Decor. We had shared our sketches on the designs. The design was new in which we included elements that had to be purchased, that wasn't easily available, that had to be prepared day and night. But in-between other events we got busy and we never called him or his event coordinator (His family member)or did they call us ( Even they were busy) but, on other side we were expecting their confirmation call so that, we could go ahead with sharing the quotations as well ( We had around 3 other enquiries for the same date, for which we had said "booked already"). Eventually, the event day came closer and we did a normal follow up call just a few days before December 31st.. Saying that " We just wanted to reconfirm that you are not taking our decor"?. The reply from the other end stunned us " Hema , I've decided that we are taking your work . It's a 100 percent confirmation and by the way it was already decided on the day when the sketches of design were shared and discussed”. Such events need at least 31days of preparations but, now we had only a week's time.


"This was a biggest challenge. We immediately made and shared our quotations (For which he immediately gave a green signal and said "I know you'll will give your best").And we did not want to change the design or skip any elements in the design. “We were stubborn on what we have planned and not ready to give up". We started our preparations soon (We had couple of event decors to finish until then). The very first day started with a load of work. We could not respond to all the calls and messages instantly".

We worked continuously on preparations for 5 days off-Event venue and 6th and 7th day on the main decor at the venue under hot sun. Our team made it a grand success.


"Where there is a will there is a way!” 

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