Aren't these pretty?

7th Jun, 2018




This time, I planned to post few hanging decors which, can make any venue look much prettier. These hangings are cute, easy to make but, considerably delicate pieces.

Decorations live firmly in the world of logistical reality, no matter how pretty they are. It is not just creative ideas we make but, also we need to check whether it is affordable ?  it is easy to transport ?. These, are the few little things we need to worry about. Now, keeping those worries aside, check into these below ideas :).




Terrariums have a sophisticated look all of their own, but they’re also extremely versatile. You can hang them with nothing but a simple candle, fill them with flowers, or create beautiful layers of rock, stone, and plants for an eye-catching look. Glass suits most wedding themes, making customization simple and definitely it's our best choice for night decors.




Crystal Strings:

Crystal Strings have so many different applications that these sparkling strands of gems can be added to whatever decor pieces need a little glimmer. They pair beautifully with flowers and hang in delicate strands from hanging bouquets or greenery. Add rose buds like we did and may be, next we'll put  flickering candlelight these, will add another level of shine to the crystal. Oh, yes we'll share the pictures too :)




Mason Jars:

They definitely deserve a spot on our list of favorite hanging decor :) . Hang them from hooks, as chandeliers, or from chairs and customize them to your theme. They’re perfect for flowers, lights, candles, and so much more.




Flower balls:

Flower balls are a fun way to incorporate more floral decor into your venue without taking up more table space with arrangements. They’re an elegant option that really works both outdoors and in, for casual or formal settings. Garnish with crystal or choose bright colored flower balls to personalize their effect on your venue

We wanted to make it look a little natural so, added few ivy's. We would definitely not miss to add a little baby's breath fillers next time :) .






Bird Cages:

While we love cages as centerpieces mainly in a rustic arrangement and table decor, we can’t deny the appeal of hanging cages strung throughout the space.

Bird cages have been a popular choice for wedding decor for a while, and they’re beautiful filled with candles and flowers as a centerpiece. However hanging just a few birdcages in different sizes will bring a new level of height and sophistication to the venue. The can still be filled with candles or flowers, or they stand alone as pretty hanging decor.





Lastly A Budjet friendly Touch up:

Finally, simply Handcrafts make our list as a truly affordable and classic touch to wedding decor.We wanted to few budget friendly hangings so, here we went for these pretty Handmade glittering hearts.



                                                                                                               - Hema Ganapathy.

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