Expensive to go for Floral Decors?

5th Jun, 2018


Tips to who asks, how to go about in such expensive seasons:


 *If you want an Exotic floral decor then, choose an inexpensive season/off season (If there is an option).

*Do not be too specific about the type of flowers. If it is too expensive then, you may have to get convinced with lesser flowers ( It might be unavailable or less Available due to heavy demands).So, instead choose mixed flowers.

*When you choose 2 or 3 floral Colour combinations keep, an option of another combination too..by making sure that both the Combinations goes with the fabric colours.

*If your function involves 2 days celebration then go for the same theme flowers on both the days..this involves no wastage of flowers but, may be you can go for different combinations of fabrics (Which goes with the same flowers). 

*Greens or foliages are beautiful .Go, for it and try garden arrangements.

* Mainly check and make sure there, are no festivals falling on the same dates. Else, you might end up making it super expensive.


                                                                                                                                                   - Hema Ganapathy.

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